4 Trends Predicting the Future of Furniture - Hint, It’s Flexible!

Understatement of the decade: it's been a wild ride. 
Your living room became your office, your favorite local store became a For Lease sign, and your desire to go to a party, any party at all, became...intense. These big trends shaped everything, right down to the very table and chair you're sitting on right now. Here's how they'll continue to impact the furniture we live in.
  • Retail: Brick and mortar? More like an outdoor folding table + an Instagram account
      • Good news! If you have a folding table, you have a storefront. Old school storefronts have been hit hard for so many reasons and that means pop-ups are king. If you’re trying to reach people face to face - from flower shops to health clinics - being flexible with your location is what it's ALL about. You need to meet people where they are. 
      • With margins getting slim, brands see less reason to spend big on high rents, inflexible lease terms and all the costs and headaches that go into setting up and maintaining a large physical space. No, thanks. 
      • A solid, simple stand can get you incredibly far. The cool thing about pop ups is that they're casual and you can let your products - and the sunny personalities of those manning your stand - do the talking. The point is to be available to reach people anywhere, anytime. Pop up trends are holding steady and more and more companies want to integrate their points of sales into existing traffic spots. Makes sense. 
      • It’s especially easy for startup pop ups to make collabs happen between newbies like themselves and well-established brands. 
      • With events cancelled last year, you can expect more farmers markets, fairs, art shows and all those spots where it's BYO folding table to make yourself stand out in the crowd. 
      • More Yay, more business.  
  • Working from Home: The kitchen table HQ
        • Folding desk = folding dining table = folding laundry table = folding picnic table = folding kids table. You get the idea. Remember when your home wasn't your entire accessible universe at one point? Lol.
        • Now your couch and that one good table have to multi-task like never before. #WFHlife is here to stay and we’ve got to adjust our home furniture essentials to fit the bill. It's probably time to make your makeshift office a little more permanent. 
        • If your square footage isn’t changing anytime soon, your tablescape ideas can. We need our home goods to do double duty now, to be able to move around the house, indoor and outdoor, and make easy transitions through multiple activities and purposes throughout the week. 
  • Single Use Plastic: Buh-bye
        • Plastic you touch once and throw away, (greetings, my morning iced coffee), is bad news and that’s why it’s banned, well, almost everywhere. That terrifying trash island in the middle of ocean isn’t getting smaller any time soon and so we’re seeing more and more multi-purpose, use-it-many-many-times everyday items, from reusable straws to, you guessed it, recycled furniture. This is a win for the earth.
        • Personally, single-use items, something that is only good for one random, rare event in your life are one of our pet peeves. But don’t trust us, trust Alton Brown’s rant about single-use devices, or unitaskers, as he calls them. We couldn’t agree more.
        • Buy less, do more. And buy recycled.
  • Better Get Together: Seriously, we must.
      • I think we can all agree it’s been a lonelier-than-usual few years. Now, we want to get together. There’s a trend toward more and better get events now, and making up for lost time with people we haven’t seen enough of. Not only are we doing more things together, but we're being thoughtful about it. Event set-up should be easy because we really, truly, madly, deeply, just want to focus now on seeing people we love IRL.
      • Dinner parties, kids birthday parties, book clubs, I love having people over and I want to do more of it than ever now. We all do. Trends point to more intimate and meaningful events, so get ready with everything you need to make set up easy. Like any great party guest, your best folding table needs to roll with the punches and be helpful.

    We are so here for better parties, pop ups and eco friendly furniture. Bring it on, 2022. (Though, we said that at the start of 2020 and 2021 and kind of regretted the exact phrase 'bring it on' but, nonetheless, we're eternal optimists here!)